About Robyn

Many Diverse Nursing Experiences

I am a Certified Transcultural Nurse who is passionate about seeing the health of people radically transformed in the Rural Appalachian region. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, I have had many diverse experiences, including hospital nursing, home health and hospice, a startup clinic at a homeless shelter, and various volunteer experiences. My research has shown that improving the cultural understanding by providers of the rural Appalachian population will improve provider’s cultural competency and thereby improve communication between the provider and patient/client which will improve health outcomes. Appalachian Healthcare Training & Consulting provides Appalachian Cultural Competency workshops and consultation services.

Introduction to Appalachian Studies

In 2007, while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I had the opportunity to take an Introduction to Appalachian Studies course. Little did I know this course in Appalachian Studies would fill me with such passion and purpose. A small class discussion on health care in Appalachia really opened my eyes to the tremendous health and healthcare needs in the Appalachian region. I decided to research how to improve health and healthcare in Appalachia.

Addressing Health Disparities in Appalachia

While pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Appalachian Studies, my research focused on developing cultural competency workshops for healthcare providers in the rural Appalachian region. Research shows that poor provider-patient communication is a contributor to poor health outcomes and increased health disparities. Providing cultural sensitivity training to health care providers in the rural  Appalachian region will improve provider-patient communication and interactions. This will lead to improved health outcomes and lessen health disparities in the region.
Facilitating improvement in the high rates of health disparities in the Appalachian region is my passion. I have presented at many different professional conferences, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations which has allowed me to present to students, faculty, health care professionals, and community members.

Appalachian Cultural Competency Presentations

  • Improving Vaccine Confidence in Rural Appalachia
  • Addressing HealthCare & Health Disparities
  • Cultural Sensitivity Training for Health & Human Service Providers in Appalachia
  • Mountain Religion: What Health Care Providers Need to Know
  • Improving Communication¬† Between Providers & Clients in Rural Appalachia
  • Mental Health in Rural Appalachia
  • Improving the Outcomes of Opioid Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Other Topics Related to Appalachia and Healthcare.
  • Addressing COVID-19 in Rural Appalachia

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