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Robyn Seamon on Vaccine Confidence



Appalachian Healthcare Training & Consulting’s goal is to improve health and healthcare in the Rural Appalachian region by offering customizable presentations for your individual health and human service agency and client needs in Rural Appalachia.

We also provide consultation services to individuals and agencies desiring to improve the outcomes of their health and human service work in the Rural Appalachian region.

"Robyn went above and beyond to incorporate myths and perceptions of Appalachian culture as it pertains to health care and specifically the work of our project. We have had numerous team members share their appreciation of Robyn's presentation. We would be ecstatic to have her back to continue diving deeper into Appalachian culture."

Emily Harwood– AppHealthCare

“Robyn was able to deliver a product that reached deeply into the structures and environment that has affected this community for decades. I recommend Robyn's services to anyone who wants their staff to take a deeper and broader look at patient’s culture and how it influences their attitudes and decision making."

Tim Jones – AppHealthCare

“Spread the word! This needs to be shared with all healthcare professionals.”

“Great Job! Great Presentation!”

“I will use information from today as a reminder to slow down and focus on building relationships and establishing trust.”

“So Helpful!” Thank You!”

“You are the first one who has ever seemed to understand and appreciate our culture, Thank you!”

“Attended for the continuing education hours, but I got so much more!”

Meet Robyn

I am a Certified Transcultural Nurse who is passionate about seeing the health of people radically transformed in the Rural Appalachian region. As a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, I have had many diverse experiences, including hospital nursing, home health and hospice, a startup clinic at a homeless shelter, and various volunteer experiences.

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